Yes! It’s all gone 20 miles at Kings Cross!

The sweat and efforts of so many over decades, after multiple accidents, even deaths, have finally resulted in the most significant change in 50 years for the roads of Kings Cross on the 18th. March 2023.

All roads at Kings Cross including the gyratory roads, which has been an urban racing ground since their inception, are finally and ultimately reduced to 20 Miles!

Kings Cross has become safer overnight.

We will leave any comment for now, and just like to say thank you, for listening to the community in the end.

There is of course more to do here on the roads of the gyratory, but for now, just thank you and this gallery of 20 Mile signs for us all to celebrate!

Thanks go out to all campaigners and activists over the years, all political representatives who were on our side, and also, glad to say for once, thank you, to TFL and Mayor Sadiq Khan. – better late than never!

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