The Harrison Pub asks community for help to survive

The Harrison Pub on the Southside of Kings Cross, is asking for everybody’s urgent help! The inependently run pub is struggling in spite of having worked hard to serve some of the best prepared food around Kings Cross, beer and drinks and often hosting amazing and unique and quite intimate original life folk and other music.

We are told that the pub is to serve a rental-bill of 99.000 Pounds to pay back lost rental income from the pandemic period. As a first step, there is an attempt to appeal the court judgement for which The Harrison would like to raise money to cover the 15-30.000 Pounds of legal fees.

To help please visit this page

In addition, those who can donate their musical and artistic talents for free gigs in support of saving the pub are requested to come forward.


Phone: 020 7278 3966

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“It’s double-fair trade” New café at Cally Road!

There is a brand new indie at Kings Cross if you are looking for an independent (self-declaratively) righteous, virtuous (literally – in terms of music) organic products and friendly café in the area. ”The Guitar Social ” X “Keystone Coffee ” moved into the former Italian Delicatessen space on 26 Caledonian Road, corner of Keystone Crescent, opposite the Tesco supermarket and seem to have taken the area with benevolently. From 8.00 am til 4.30 pm the shop functions as a vegan, sustainable, double-fair trade café (apparently, the real fair-trade) offering pastry and lovingly prepared sandwiches, and after 4.30 pm the space is all guitar venue and guitar school. 

Josh and Nathan, part of a cooperative of four who run the place, told me they all met through refugee-support-work they engaged in. One is a poet and author, and the other does business coaching. “We were attracted to this side of Kings Cross because there are many independent shops here. We felt there is also space for a vegan, more sustainable cafe.” 

Amazingly true locals and students will be rewarded with discounts there and when we visited on a morning at around 11 am, the café was well attended, with people sitting around cosy and pretty decorated tables on comfortable seats.


The Guitar Social X Keystone Coffee, 26 Caledonian Road, London N1 9DT


Nathan and Josh are ready to serve you their best coffee and sandwiches!
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Consultation Drop-in by TFL on proposal for junction changes Pentonville Road / Kings Cross Road Wed. 19/4/22, 3 pm to 8 pm

TFL is holding a consultation afternoon on Wednesday the 19th of April 2022 between 15.00 and 20.00 (drop-in) at Jean Stokes Community Centre, Carnoustie Drive N1 0DX.

It refers to the junction Kings Cross Road – Pentonville Road – Northdown Street, with implications also to Caledonian Road.

Please note this is a bit of a curious choice for a venue, as it is 15 minutes walk from the actual area discussed (up Caledonian Road after the Texaco Station).

Kings Cross Environment has questions about how the design connects and continues. For example, there should be thinking about safeguarding vulnerable cyclists moving from Caledonian Road into Pentonville Road and then wishing to turn into Kings Cross Road, or even East Bound cycle traffic on Pentonville Road, coming from St. Pancras Station, wishing to turn right into Kings Cross Road. Further, there are questions about how cycle lanes continue, and how safely they are apart from traffic for the continuation of Pentonville Road Eastbound and on Kings Cross Road. Crossing ability in one go for pedestrians should be a good thing.

TFL is also happy to get feedback online on their link here

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Get Kings Cross History from this retired Coppa!

The Met Police get their fair share of bad press these days, but here is one coppa, who likes to give back to the community he served, by putting his memories of Kings Cross out in the open to the public.

Chris Foster served as a Bobby on the Beat Kings Cross, something many would like to see back. He will share with you his memories of Kings Cross this Saturday. If you want a pre-taste check out this feature in the CNJ.

Saturday, 1st of April 2023, 11 am meeting at the Chapel of Rest, in St. George’s Garden.

The talk is arranged by Friends of St. George’s Garden

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Yes! It’s all gone 20 miles at Kings Cross!

The sweat and efforts of so many over decades, after multiple accidents, even deaths, have finally resulted in the most significant change in 50 years for the roads of Kings Cross on the 18th. March 2023.

All roads at Kings Cross including the gyratory roads, which has been an urban racing ground since their inception, are finally and ultimately reduced to 20 Miles!

Kings Cross has become safer overnight.

We will leave any comment for now, and just like to say thank you, for listening to the community in the end.

There is of course more to do here on the roads of the gyratory, but for now, just thank you and this gallery of 20 Mile signs for us all to celebrate!

Thanks go out to all campaigners and activists over the years, all political representatives who were on our side, and also, glad to say for once, thank you, to TFL and Mayor Sadiq Khan. – better late than never!

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New Consultation Launched for part of Kings Cross

There is a new consultation on a section of the Kings Cross Gyratory running, and TFL is asking for residents’ and through-travelers’ feedback.

“There have been plans to make significant improvements to the area around Kings Cross and the gyratory for several years” we can read in the introduction of this new consultation by Transport for London (TFL) for part of Kings Cross.

Years? More like decades to many of us, and we can prove it!

But that put aside, here we are, being asked yet one more time to raise once again our expectations, by giving our critical suggestions for improvements, at least for one end of the gyratory, namely the junction Pentonville Road / Kings Cross Road / Northdown Street.

Will it be different now? We can only hope.

Whilst this particular section of the Kings Cross Gyratory is indeed a well-known trouble spot, especially for pedestrians and exposed cyclists, the proposal begs residents’ and visitors’ careful reading. This is not the least because it involves only a single section of the gyratory.

TFL are at least transparent about the fact that there was a consultation in 2017 and a plan, which came after years of lobbying and pressure on then-Mayor Boris Johnson and TFL, following cycle deaths (Min Joo “Deep” Lee, Madelaine Rosie Wright, Jerome Roussel, Emma Foa, Wendy Gay) on our roads on top of hair-rising reports on air and noise pollution.

It is to be remembered that in 2017 plans were then ready to be delivered. Whilst there was some critique, as there always would be, Evening Standard and a well-read cycling blog called it radical at the time. Even Sadiq Khan told us later, he would deliver it, subject to funding. But funding never came, nor did the changes.

TFL and the community may have to be pragmatic in times of economic budget shortfalls (note, the same problem in 2015 see this report by our own brilliant Sophie Talbot). But there are some essential questions:

Does the proposal connect to the rest of the gyratory and justify an isolated step-by-step change of the gyratory?

To what extent do the proposals as suggested in the model solve problems at this spot?

At least TFL have not forgotten the gyratory and the people who died here, nor those who have to live with the gyratory – not that it was without the community reminding stakeholders regularly and persistently of their obligations.

TFL say they will consult properly, meet people, and following any input, one can only hope that TFL will continue on that basis.

Many on this blog have argued that the gyratory as a whole needs to be addressed, and presumably, that is even more important since St Pancras became an international station, but also due to the extensive development of Kings Cross North and because of the vision of Kings Cross being part of the London Knowledge Hub, besides Kings Cross / St Pancras linking up multiple train, bus and tube networks. It means that the area is denser and more populated than ever before.

Click here for the consultation

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TFL’s and Mayor’s repeated empty promises on KX-Gyratory!

Camden Council introduced 20 Miles on its few roads at Kings Cross already, but most are managed by TFL. Here Swinton Place off Swinton Street, WC1X

A promise to deliver a 20 miles speed reduction for the Kings Cross Gyratory has been broken again. TFL had previously promised to introduce the speed reduction by October 2022. After breaking this promise the area was promised the speed reduction for February 2023, but nothing happened yet again.

Kings Cross has fought for over three decades for traffic reduction and better, more resident-friendly traffic flow. In 2016, under Boris Johnson as mayor, a planning application for a complete change of the gyratory at Kings Cross involving most streets, went successfully through a consultation stage. Whilst there were some discussions about the details of the plan, it was a major win for the community after years of campaigning and fatalities involving cyclists and motor traffic. The area also suffered for a long time from some of the worst air- and noise pollution levels in London, due to traffic. Sadiq Khan agreed to deliver the plans Johnson had OK’ed, subject to funds, but the implementation was delayed, because the gyratory.was designated as an HGV parking space for HS2 building construction at Euston – Kings Cross was never used for that purpose, but it succeeded in pushing the transformation out of sight.

In 2020 we learned that TFL had quietly shelved the transformation plans from 2016. Money was cited as the key factor. There was a petition to save the plans. Then, some argued, if only one pragmatic thing could be done now, to improve the situation, it would be, at the very least, a speed reduction to 20 Miles, which would also be a low-cost option for TFL.

On direct question at City Hall Sadiq Khan agreed to deliver this back in 2020, as it fitted the safer streets schema. But since that time Kings Cross has been kept waiting. Following further questions, TFL said they would deliver the speed reduction by October 2022 and was disappointed. They then went on to promise it by February 2023, only to not keep the promise yet again.

All councillors and London Assembly Members of the affected areas were made aware of the blunder last week, in the hope that this will bring about the implementation through political resolve. Kings Cross Councillor Liam Martin-Lane said that councillors are actively pushing for speed reduction as part of the gyratory changes and that they appreciate that change is overdue.

Kings Cross hopes the train that will deliver what was promised by TFL will arrive soon and with no more delay.

Article changed 7 March 2022: Added Clr Liam Martin-Lane response.

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KXE is out of lockdown!

Never say there are no tech issues, but we had a serious one after our domain name slipped away. After much prompting and a two-year break Kings Cross Environment is back in the same old style but with a new slightly different web address! In addition, the entire archive of Kings Cross Campaigns and issues is back too.

If you are a local resident or frequent visitor and like to be involved in writing about issues or histories get in contact with us, no experience is necessary (some of us are newspaper folks, so we can always help).

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